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•            Made from Organic Cotton & Organic Dyes. Super Soft & High Quality. Machine Washable.

•            An Eco-Friendly, Higher Quality and Safe alternative to products that are full of chemicals and hazardous materials. Zoog is specifically manufactured with your baby's health, comfort and future in mind. Technology for humanity- Zoog takes "organic" label a few steps further to introduce an all-natural dye method that preserves the right color over time, in addition to organic cotton.

•            Our patented technology is inspired by ancient dyeing methods to dramatically reduce energy consumption. And the result is less waste, less water, less energy, no usage of synthetic chemicals, no pollution.

•            Unlike other “organic” products that are just as dangerous to human body as the non-organic products due to the dyestuff used in manufacturing processes, Zoog’s unique technique is 100% natural, has no toxic & allergic effects for human body and complies with global standards i.e. GOTS Certified.

•            Good for the earth, good for you. Let the colors of nature embrace us all, starting with your baby who deserves the best and safest of all.

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